Wisconsin Slang

I was just thinking about how no one knows what a bubbler is outside of the state. And then I was thinking of all the shit we all say that down here no one understands.

Wisco- loving name for Wisconsin

Bubbler- water/drinking fountain

Miltown/ Brew City/ M’ Wocky- Milwaukee

Madtown- Madison

Brew Crew- Milwaukee Brewers (Baseball team)

Shevegas- Sheboygan (City)

A Rod- Aaron Rodgers (Packer’s QB)

Mullet Place- Most stolen street sign in Green Bay

Brat- not a spoiled child; pronounced brot. Delicious sausage like hot dogs

Yah- Yes/ mhm/ way to end or punctuate a sentence

Up North- where you go to hunt/fish & get drunk

The Pig- Piggly Wiggly (Grocery Store)

T’rivers- Two Rivers (City)

Manty- Manitowoc (City)

Upside Right- opposite of upside down. “Turn that upside right”

Stop n’ go lights- Stop light

Geez- used instead of swearing; add as many e’s as needed.¬†

Didja- Did you

Skeetos- Mosquitos

Whereabouts- used for directional reference

The U.P.- Upper Peninsula aka Upper Michigan (That part of MI that is above WI)

Don’t ya know/ Dontcha know- Don’t you know, like you know?

Okeh- Okay- Wisconsinites pronounce it with like a short e instead of an a

Shawno- Shawano (City)

Dow-int- Don’t- pronounced with 2 syllables “Dohhh-wint”

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Posted on Tuesday, 22 March
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    Love Wisco
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    I don’t recognize any of these except geez do we even live in the same place
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    Some of these…….I’VE NEVER HEARD OF! I’m a Wisconsinite but…..REALLY! I’ve never once said Wisco, Miltown, etc. Geez...
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    Sheb also has it’s own dialect. “NOOOOOOAHH! STOPPPPPAHHH!” It’s...Sheboygan thing.
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    huh. my mom is from Sheboygan Falls. XDD
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    geeeeeez, she’s right.
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    Can’t forget OshkVegas AKA Sloshkosh AKA...Kosh AKA O-Town = Oshkosh, WI. Home
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    Let me add: Yooper - someone from...upper (“dee yooper”) peninsula. Oys - “always”
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    Mmm yes, reasons I love Wissscaaaansin!
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    they mostly say bubbler down in the southern parts of WI and the rest of the terms they never use here in Eau Claire....
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